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Grill 100

The 100 cm plate with 4 burners makes it possible to cook for many people with ease. The GRILL100 can be entirely smooth or half smooth and half lined. The trolley, a much used accessory, is available in two sizes, 75 and 125 cm, and is composed of a stainless steel surface and a graphite-coloured galvanised steel structure painted with outdoor polyester paint.

In detail

1: each burner can be adjusted distinctly and autonomously through its knob: this allows to have different temperatures on the plate according to the type of food to be cooked. The piezoelectric ignition is activated by the red button, which is battery operated. All gas barbecues are also equipped with a safety thermocouple which closes gas distribution should the flame go out during use, for example due to a gust of wind. 2, 3: the 6 mm thickness of the stainless steel plate enables long-lasting, uniform distribution of heat, which reduces cooking times and preserves food nutrients. 4: the large stainless steel tray collects cooking fats, which cannot come into contact with the fire and create harmful smoke, and is easy to remove and clean. 5: high quality valves and knobs, similar to the ones used in professional kitchens. 6: the supplied stainless steel scraper was purposely studied to adhere perfectly to the lines of the plate and thus quickly clean all cooking residues in order to obtain maximum hygiene when using. 7: the trolleys can have large-sized wheels assembled, which enable easy transport of the grill on grass.

Accessories on request

Easy Camping - Trolley 75 - Trolley 125 - Protection cover