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Pizzagrill: Spit configuration

The spit works with a motor of 40W power rating that guarantees a noiseless operation and a considerable endurance to non-stop work. The spit is equipped with a stainless steel dripping-pan that gathers cooking fats. It can be used on traditional barbecues and fireplaces or on the Pizzagrill, as a complementary item that can be fixed to it by means of two stainless steel bases, which support the motor and the rods.

Equipment accessories

Accessories is supplied with the Pizzagrill: a shovel to bake pizza, a small round shovel to turn it round, the 130 cm telescopic ash poker, the large fork, the wood poker, the protection glove and the extra grill. Without forgetting the flue that conveys fumes away from the chef.

Accessories on request

Accessories on request with Pizzagrill: on its wheeled trolley, you can place it where you like without having the necessity to build a standing structure, or you can create a barbecue on the terrace, where it was not possible before. The trolley has a very useful stainless steel support plane that can easily be disassembled and placed inside the trolley, together with the other accessories which are given as equipment of the Pizzagrill. Everything can be kept in good order in a small space.