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Lyra 19

Boiler range dedicated to the technical room


The boilers Lyra have a wide exchange surface and thus ensure heating of large areas and excellent water yields.

The advantages make them extremely comfortable and suitable to provide healthy heat using environmentally sustainable fuels:

  • electronic modulation

  • self-cleaning brazier in cast iron 

  • very large ash tray

  • advanced electronics

  • possibility of switching summer / winter 

  • daily / weekly programming

  • compact and elegant design

  • remote control with backlit graphic display

These machines, in addition to being equipped with all electronic, mechanical and hydraulic safety devices required by the regulations in force, are equipped with: 

  • thermostatic mixing valve (anti-condensation)

  • electronic circulator

  • 8 liters expansion vase

  • 3-way diverter valve with priority to DHW system

  • manometer to read system pressure

It is recommended to install a hydraulic separator and/or a puffer on the system to optimize operation. The buffer capacity will vary depending on the water content of the system.

On the return circuit, a chemical-physical water treatment system must be installed, for instance a magnetic dislimer.

★ ★ ★

Technical data

Pellets, Pellets/Biomass
Thermal power introduced
21 kW
Nominal thermal power to water
19.6 kW
Heated volume
500 m³
Performance with pellets or wood
93.7 %
CO emissions at 10% O²
153 mg/Nm³
Power levels
Flue gas outlet
Rear, Upper
Air ducting
280 kg
Dimensions WxDxH
80 x 77.5 x 133 cm
Pellet tank capacity
70 kg
Flue gas output diameter
80 mm
★ ★ ★

This product complies with the Class 3 Stars, according to the emission and performance requirements of the Decree of 7 November 2017, n°186 (Italy).


  • Two heating elements
  • A new combustion chamber that increases the energy performance
  • Option of horizontal or vertical flue gas outlet
  • Dedicated motherboard that regulates the temperature and ventilation speed
  • Self-cleaning biomass burner
  • Mechanical safety devices: 3 bar outlet valve, boiler thermostat, air pressure switch and water pressure switch.
  • Safety electrical safety devices: inductive sensors that constantly check the position of motors rotation; flue gas probe.

Supplied Accessories

  • "L" bar for ash cleaning
  • Kit for DHW circuit: 3-way valve, electronic circulator system, DHW probe.
  • Hydraulic safety devices kit: expansions vase, 3 bar outlet valve, automatic vent valve, system drain.
  • Water tank probe
  • mixing valve (anti-condensation) with thermostatic control of system return temperature

Accessories on demand

  • burner frontal plate for biomass < ø 4mm
  • 90 lt storage tank
  • tank with wheels 0,38 m3 - kg 220÷240
  • Remote control
  • Remote ignition with optional GSM device and controlling app.
  • Automatic loading kit (1 capacitive level sensors and additional electronic board)
  • Auger L170


Thermo hydro
Multifuel patented burner
Backfire impossible
Anti Blow System
Rear or top flue gas
Air intake from outside
GSM control
Programmable remote thermostat

Materials and Finishes


General Catalog
User Manual
Certificate of Conformity
Star Rating (Italian Standard)
Dop 10% O₂
Energy Label

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