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    Arianna 10

    Pure warmth and natural harmony

    The new Arianna stove from CS Thermos is characterised by exclusive design, superb performance and unrivalled comfort. Low emissions and the latest innovations ensure personal wellbeing and protect the environment.

    The heart of the Arianna stove: CS THERMOS’ patented, self-cleaning, ecological, multi-fuel burner. Designed to meet the highest standards of safety, this unique burner offers numerous advantages: 5 different pre-programmed fuel menus; ash discharge without shutting down the burner for reduced electrical energy consumption; dual igniter for shorter start-up times and guaranteed continuous functioning; dual screw feed to prevent back-firing to the hopper.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Technical data

    Pellets, Pellets/Biomass
    3 ÷ 10.16 kW
    Heated volume
    80 ÷ 290 m³
    Performance with pellets or wood
    93.85 %
    CO emissions at 13% O²
    80 mg/Nm³
    Power levels
    Flue gas outlet
    Rear, Upper
    Air ducting
    155 kg
    Dimensions WxDxH
    57 x 56 x 120 cm
    Pellet tank capacity
    20 kg
    Flue gas output diameter
    80 mm
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    This product complies with the Class 5 Stars, according to the emission and performance requirements of the Decree of 7 November 2017, n°186 (Italy).


    • Two heating elements
    • Hermetically sealed pellet hopper
    • Natural convection option on power settings 1 and 2
    • Ductable with dedicated fan
    • Robust structure up to 4 mm thick
    • Mechanical safety devices with two manual reset thermostats and a pressure switch
    • Safety electrical safety devices: inductive sensors that constantly check the position of motors rotation; flue gas probe.

    Supplied Accessories

    • "L" bar for ash cleaning

    Accessories on demand

    • Wi-Fi remote control via APP
    • Remote ignition with optional GSM device and controlling app.
    • Wall-mounted room thermostat, allows air and temperature regulation in the ducted area.



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