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    Tesi H2O

    It takes up little space and easily fits in your interior, where it heats the radiator’s water and also spreads out over 1.500 Kcal/h through the glass door. Cleaning is very quickly done, with no need to disassemble anything: the exchangers are perfectly clean within a few minutes thanks to a practical system of brushes. Just like the Venexia and Murano models, it is fitted with all the hydraulic safeties and also: 8 lt. expansion vase, 3-way diverter valve and electronic circulator. A 26 kg pellet hopper allows a great operation autonomy.

    On the return circuit, a chemical-physical water treatment system must be installed, for instance a magnetic dislimer.

    Anti-condensation valve to be installed.

    ★ ★ ★

    Technical data

    Pellets, Pellets/Biomass
    Metal, Stone
    Maximum power
    16 kW
    Thermal power introduced
    14.5 kW
    Nominal thermal power to water
    12 kW
    Heated volume
    410 m³
    Performance with pellets or wood
    91.94 %
    CO emissions at 13% O²
    172 mg/Nm³
    Power levels
    Flue gas outlet
    Rear, Upper
    Air ducting
    240 kg
    Dimensions WxDxH
    96 x 35 x 129 cm
    Pellet tank capacity
    26 kg
    Flue gas output diameter
    80 mm
    Auger safety thermostat
    Pressure regulator
    ★ ★ ★

    This product complies with the Class 3 Stars, according to the emission and performance requirements of the Decree of 7 November 2017, n°186 (Italy).


    • Standard slide cover.
    • Mechanical safety devices: 3 bar outlet valve, boiler thermostat, air pressure switch and water pressure switch.
    • Safety electrical safety devices: inductive sensors that constantly check the position of motors rotation; flue gas probe.

    Supplied Accessories

    • "L" bar for ash cleaning
    • Collar for top flue header
    • Kit for DHW circuit: 3-way valve, electronic circulator system, DHW probe.
    • Hydraulic safety devices kit: expansions vase, 3 bar outlet valve, automatic vent valve, system drain.
    • Water tank probe

    Accessories on demand

    • hinged lid with upper panel display
    • Remote ignition with optional GSM device and controlling app.


    Multifuel patented burner
    Anti Blow System
    Rear or top flue gas
    Radiant glass
    Thermo hydro
    Air intake from outside

    Materials and Finishes

    Stainless steel with epoxy paints


    Red met

    Materials and Finishes

    Soapstone coating


    Antique white stone


    General Catalog
    Thermostoves Catalog
    User Manual
    Certificate of Conformity
    Star Rating (Italian Standard)
    Energy Label

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