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5 stars commitment

In the European Union only eco-friendly boilers and stoves with high energy efficiency and low emissions into the environment.

Renewable energies such as pellets and wood allow us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels.
However, their ecological and sustainable nature can be nullified if pellets and wood are burned in technologically obsolete heating appliances, whose emissions can compromise air quality.

For this reason, the European Union has established the ECODESIGN Regulations, that is the eco-compatible design criteria also for biomass boilers and stoves, which will come into force in all European Countries according to the following schedule:

  • Biomass boilers: compulsory Ecodesign projects from 1 January 2020 (EU Regulation 2015/1189).

  • Biomass stoves, inserts and cookers: compulsory Ecodesign projects from 1 January 2022 (EU Regulation 2015/1185).

Manufacturers of solid fuel heat generators will have the obligation to comply with eco-compatible design criteria and to guarantee the introduction on the market of technologically advanced products, which comply with the minimum requirements of the Ecodesign Regulations in terms of:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Emissions in the environment of: carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM), gaseous organic compounds (OGC), nitrogen oxides (NOx).

CS THERMOS has chosen ECODESIGN objectives for some years now.

A constant innovation work has led CS THERMOS to create a whole range of new generation pelletstoves that are already compatible with the ECODESIGN criteria that will come into force in2022. But that's not all: the new LYRA ECO biomass boilers fully meet the minimum requirements of ECODESIGN 2020.

It is a question of good choices of those who manufacture and those who use, to go together towards:

a cleaner air
a more respected environment
greater energy savings
better use of resources with lower consumption

Look for the GREEN WORLD logo and find out how many Environmental Certification Stars (D.M. 186) have CS THERMOS products.