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    Roma 18

    Ecological pellet thermo-stove made with steel structure, top and sides in black silk-screened glass and stone facade, in 4 modern and design color versions: clean shapes and quality materials, for a pleasant view even with the flame out.
    The door is composed of a double glass: black external glass, curved and elegant, and transparent ceramic glass which hermetically closes the hearth.
    Thanks to their energy efficiency and low atmospheric emissions, our thermo stoves are certified with 4 or 5 stars and benefit from the greater deductions provided in Italy by the Conto Termico.

    On the return circuit, a chemical-physical water treatment system must be installed, for instance a magnetic dislimer.

    ★ ★ ★ ★

    Technical data

    Platinum White Stone
    Pellets / Biomass
    Maximum power
    18.4 kW
    Thermal power introduced
    17 kW
    Nominal thermal power to water
    15.3 kW
    Heated volume
    470 m³
    Performance with pellets or wood
    92.5 %
    CO emissions at 13% O²
    215 mg/Nm³
    Power levels
    Flue gas outlet
    Rear, Upper
    Air ducting
    223 kg
    Dimensions WxDxH
    63 x 60 x 121 cm
    Pellet tank capacity
    21 kg
    Flue gas output diameter
    80 mm
    ★ ★ ★ ★

    This product complies with the Class 4 Stars, according to the emission and performance requirements of the Decree of 7 November 2017, n°186 (Italy).


    • Mechanical safety devices: 3 bar outlet valve, boiler thermostat, air pressure switch and water pressure switch.
    • Safety electrical safety devices: inductive sensors that constantly check the position of motors rotation; flue gas probe.

    Supplied Accessories

    • Anti-condensation valve with thermostatic control of the system return temperature.
    • System pressure gauge.
    • Kit for DHW circuit: anti-condensation valve, electronic circulator system, DHW probe.
    • "L" bar for ash cleaning
    • Collar for top flue header
    • Hydraulic safety devices kit: expansions vase, 3 bar outlet valve, automatic vent valve, system drain.
    • Water tank probe

    Accessories on demand

    • Wi-Fi remote control via APP



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